Bring your lawn out of it's chemical induced coma and back to life with Re-Vita!  You will be amazed at the results of letting the microbes do their job.

An excellent all natural lawn or crop fertilizer made from composted poultry manure, feathermeal, blood meal, sulfate of potash, kelp and humate. It provides essential primary nutrients in a slow release form which feeds the turf slowly over the season. Naturally occurring microorganisms aid in decomposition of grass clippings and help prevent thatch build up. Secondary and trace elements are supplied by the kelp and humate which stimulate root growth, promote healthy growth, enlivens green color and enhances resistance to stress such as drought. Re-Vita 8-3-3 restores and builds lawn and soil structures. It helps prevent diseases such as fusarium, snow mold, leaf spot, red thread, dollar spot, and brown patch. Used by golf courses and lawn care services. Easy to spread granular form. Only two applications per year are needed -- 10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. spring and fall. 

This product is intended for use
according to an approved organic system plan.
This products ingredients all qualify under
7 CFR 205.105 for use in organic crop production.

Check with your certification agency before using in certified organic production.

Contact our office for discount pricing and delivery on orders of 1000 lbs. or more.  Near Ohio 330-877-9356, near Wisconsin 608-489-3600. 2000# Bulk bags available.

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