For gardens RE-VITA COMPLETE (5-4-3)* 25#

For gardens RE-VITA COMPLETE (5-4-3)* 25#

The crop growing power of Re-Vita in an easy to use 25# bag with application instructions on the back for the home gardener (50# bags available for larger scale growers, please click "see more fertilizers" below and select Basic Compost 5-4-3 product).

9% to 12% Calcium and fully NOP compliant for application up to day of harvest. 

A organic fertilizer made from 100 % natural sources. Revita is a robust slow release fertilizer suitable for all organic soil fertility needs. The addition of North Atlantic kelp and humic acid derived from leonardite provides a complex of trace minerals in bio stimulants easily assimilated by the plant. These substances contribute to more vigorous plant growth healthier root systems greater yield potentials in higher levels of mineral content in the plant. Re-vita Breathes new life into your soil by adding organic matter in soil inhabiting organisms. NOP compliant, check with your certifier for use in organic production.

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