Our exclusive organic potting mix made from sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, sharp sand, and perlite. Enriched with Re-Vita Compost Plus 3-4-3 with kelp, humate, rock phosphate and AZOMITE to gently provide the nutrients a new plant will need for 6-8 weeks depending on cell or pot size. Use to start any vegetable seeds and on all house and bedding plants. Compare it to your favorite seed starting media, you'll see the difference!

1 cu. ft. bag (30 dry qts.) will fill 6 x 128 cell trays or 9 x 200 cell trays. 

This product is intended for use
according to an approved organic system plan.
This products ingredients all qualify under
7 CFR 205.105 for use in organic crop production.

Check with your certification agency before using in certified organic production.

 Pallet price: 

$420 per pallet of 60 bags

Contact our offices to order and arrange delivery or shipping of pallets. 2 yd.³ tote available from Wisconsin branch. Near Ohio 330-877-9356, near Wisconsin 608-489-3600

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