Micronized Soluble Fish Powder with Crab 10-2–0*

Micronized Soluble Fish Powder with Crab 10-2–0*

Soluble fish powder with crab now micronized to dissolve better in water! An effective alternative to the high cost of using and transporting liquid fish. Mix 1 lbs. with 10 gallons of water to make liquid fish fertilizer that can be applied via drip, foliar spray or in a transplant solution. Contains Chitin from crab shell to encourage Chitin eating bacteria in the soil. Studies have shown that these bacteria will then defend against soil-born pathogens and harmful microbes that are primarily made of Chitin.  Use when extra nitrogen is needed like transplanting and during periods of stores such as pre-bloom, early leaf development, and fruit set. Combine with soluble seaweed powder and liquid Bio-Hume for even better results. 2 lbs per acre in 20 gallons of water. Powder is very fine and should be pre-mixed by shaking for 1 minute in a sealed container.  

This product is intended for use
according to an approved organic system plan.
This products ingredients all qualify under
7 CFR 205.105 for use in organic crop production.

Check with your certification agency before using in certified organic production.

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 20 boxes or more price $128 per box. 

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