AvengerAG®OMRI listed Burndown Herbicide*

AvengerAG®OMRI listed Burndown Herbicide*

OMRI listed for use in certified organic production. A non-selective, non-systematic, post-emergence herbicide that kills weeds, grasses and broadleaves without adversely affecting the environment. The active ingredient, citrus oil naturally strips away the waxy plant cuticle, causing it to desiccate. Testing results prove that AvengerAG® is as effective, but faster acting than synthetic herbicides!  An economical alternative to hand weeding, flaming, mowing and cultivation.  Annual and perennial weeds that germinate from seed can easily be controlled before they establish a robust root system. Established perennial grasses, broadleaves and weeds from rhizomes or root masses can be effectively top burnt, but complete control will require multiple treatments.  Cooler season effectiveness allows you to eliminate weeds before they become established. When treating newly emerged weeds, apply AvengerAG® prior to planting crops. This will create a clean seed bed. Seeded crops can be planted within 2 hours after application.  Use a 14% dilution for general weed, grass and broadleaf control.

Broadcast Application with Field Sprayer Boom Equipment
The amount of weed vegetation will determine the spray volume and product required for complete coverage of weeds, grasses and broadleaves. Weed vegetation conditions that affect spray coverage are determined by the number of weeds present, leaf shape, weed size and weed species. For weeds under ½ inch, use 15 gal/acre of total spray volume at a 1:6 dilution ratio (1 part Avenger/6 parts H20). For weeds over 1 inch in height, use 30 gal/acre of total spray volume at a 1:6 dilution ratio (1 part Avenger/6 parts H20). Large weeds up to 12 to 18 inches in height may require an increased final spray volume and reduced dilution ratio for effective weed control.

~15 gallons per acre final spray volume @ a 1:6 dilution = 2.5 gallons of Avenger / 13 gallons of H20
~40 gallons per acre final spray volume @ a 1:6 dilution = 5.75 gallons of Avenger / 35 gallons of H20

Nozzle Selection - Broadcast Treatments
The use of flat fan nozzles will result in the most effective application of AvengerAG® Burndown Herbicide. Flood nozzles are generally not as effective as they produce large uneven droplets. The use of flood nozzles may result in reduced weed control due to inadequate coverage. When spraying less than 20 gallons of spray carrier per acre, use only flat fan nozzles as recommended.

Temperature and Humidity
When applying AvengerAG® Burndown Herbicide in low-relative humidity, set up your equipment to produce larger droplets to compensate for evaporation. When conditions are hot and dry (droplet evaporation is most severe), avoid treating during the hottest time of the day.

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